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Professional research proposal proofreading website for mba Sefidgari-Abrasi S, et al. An 8-week feeding experiment was conducted to investigate the effects of dietary prebiotic inulin on the growth performance, intestinal bacterial density, body composition and values of blood serum enzymes in the juvenile great sturgeon Huso huso. It was reported that Lactobacillus rutei L. It is noteworthy to say that chain length or type of branching of prebiotic fructan did not influence the degree of increased mineral absorption. The adverse affects of these metabolites are hepatotoxicity ammonia, amines etc. Aquaculture Fisheries. Similarly, the hindgut of non-ruminants is also act as habitat for millions of bacteria, archaea, fungi and yeasts.
My mother essay Barnes EM The nutritional significance of dietary fiber analysis. One half was floated inside a fixative i. Takemura N, et al. In ruminant species, the abo-ve pH 6. Key words: prebiotic, inulin, mechanism of action, livestock.
Apa format citation example for newspaper article Not similar to sperm concentration of epididymal semen, testicular spermatid count showed magnificent changes through the supplementation. No significant difference was found among the intervention groups Fig. Basically the novel concept of prebiotic was forwarded keeping in view its application for human health and well being Gibson and Roberfroid, The present study aimed to determine the inhibitory activity of postbiotic produced by L. The rumen pH remained unchanged 6. Correspondence to Maryam Saghafi-Asl.

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Bifidobacteria continued to increase after the ingestion of long chained inulin. A two week washout period was not long enough to determine which inulin product had the greatest effect on the growth of bifidobacteria. Impacts Numerous health benefits have been reported due to the consumprion of nondigestible carbohydrates such as inulin. This study determined that healthy subjects could add 20g of inulin to their diets, but they did experience changes in bowel function.

Bifidobacteria counts did increase but more work needs to be done to determine if differences exist when consuming inulin of different chain lengths. The main commercial source of inulin is chicory, grown mainly in Europe. More reserach is needed to determine health and gastrointestional effects in humans.

Publications Mendlik, K. MS Thesis. University of Nebraska Lincoln. Twenty health adults were recruited for the study. Subjects were given 20g of either short chained oligofructose or long chained inulin. Both products could either be mixed and consumed as a beverage or consumed in a muffin or pudding product. Subjects consumed the prebiotic for 5 weeks with a 3 week washout period and then consumed the other chain length product.

Subjects were asked to provided a fecal sample at the beginning and end of each 5 week period. Samples were analyzed within the hour for Bifidobacterium. Subjects also completed a daily questionnaire concerning gastrointestinal changes which may have occured with the consumption of the prebiotic.

Changes in gastrointestinal transit time were also noted. The study will be completed Dec. Impacts The health benefits of consuming nondigestible carbohydrates are numerous, but some people experience gastrointestinal discomfprt when consuming these products. Little is known about the differences in benefits of short chained fructooligosaccharides as opposed to the longer chained products.

This research should provide information on the differences in consumption of inulin of different chain length in healthy human subjects, both in gastrointestinal symptoms and the effect on Bifidobacterium found in fecal samples. For inulin to be used as an ingredient in more food products, food companies need information on the gastrointestinal effects in health populations. Bacterial enumeration of Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. As the amount of FOS increased, yogurt firmness decreased. The presence of FOS in yogurt did not signifacnatly affect the pH or titratable acidity.

Based on sensory evaluation, yogurt samples with higher levels of FOS were perceived to be more smooth, more sweet and less sour than the control yogurt. Impacts The addition of the prebiotic fructooligosaccharide to nonfat yogurt not only improves functional properties but also may improve consumer acceptance. Yogurt, a probiotic product with proven health benefits, could have additional health benefits with the addition of FOS, a prebiotic ingredient.

Sponsoring Institution. Project Director Schnepf, M. Non Technical Summary Most Americans do not consume adequate amounts of nondigestible carbohydrates. The purpose of this research is to study the feasibility of adding inulin to various foods to increase their nutritional properties.

Animal Health Component. Research Effort Categories Basic. Specific objectives include the determination of the physical and sensory characteristics of products containing commercial fructooligosaccharides FOS and inulin. Inulin and FOS will be added to yogurt and baked products such as muffins and bread. Once the optimum level of addition of commercial inulin has been determined, a less refined inulin product which is being developed in Nebraska will be tested in the same food prodcuts.

Using food products developed in previous experiments, a human study using healthy subjects will be designed. Acceptable levels of inulin consumption will be deterined by measuring self reported gastrointestinal effects. Changes in blood lipids will also be determined. Project Methods Nonfat yogurt will be made from skim milk with commercial starter culture.

When a pH of 4. Sensory and physical characteristics will be determined at week 1, 2, 3, and 4 of storage. Physical and chemical characteristics to be determined will include water holding capacity, penetration force or firmness, viscosity, and pH. A 15 cm attribute rating scale will be used. For sensory analysis a randomized complete block will be used with blocking by panelist, session and replicate.

The least significant differences test will be used to determine differences between sample means and time effects will be determined using a repeated measures analysis. Standard muffin and bread formulas will be used to which FOS and inulin will be added. The most optimal way to add inulin to a baked product also will be determined.

Inulin can be added as a dry powder or made into a gel which is then incorporated into the product. The sensory characteristics of appearance, moistness, sweetness, texture and overall acceptability will be determined using a laboratory panel.

Analysis will be done on fresh and stored products. Once results have been analyzed, other levels and methods of incorporation will determined as needed. However, little work has been done evaluating the gastrointestinal tolerance GIT and satiety properties of Jerusalem artichokes. Given a recent consumer interest of incorporating more healthful whole foods into the diet, Jerusalem artichokes serve as an available, affordable, whole food vegetable offering a rich source of prebiotic fiber and health benefits upon consumption.

The objective of our first study was to compare two forms of inulin, an isolated powder and a whole food source Jerusalem artichokes , and to identify their effects on satiety and GIT when blended into a breakfast smoothie. We hypothesized that Jerusalem artichokes would promote greater satiety and be better tolerated when compared to inulin powder. In a randomized, single-blind, crossover designed study, 26 participants 13 females, 13 males fasted for 12 hours and then consumed a chocolate breakfast smoothie with inulin powder or Jerusalem artichoke puree mixed in.

A plain smoothie without fiber was used as a control. The primary outcome was to observe satiety using a visual analog scale VAS to assess hunger, satiety, fullness, and then assess prospective food intake. The secondary outcome was to observe GIT through surveys probing the presence and severity of common adverse gastrointestinal symptoms. These data indicate that neither treatment promoted greater satiety than a control, and that both sources of inulin were well tolerated without producing adverse gastrointestinal symptoms in healthy adults.

As efforts to identify new prebiotics continue, the objective of our second study was to measure prebiotic properties of a yeast fermentate in an in vitro system. Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae is used widely in human and animal nutrition for the contribution of micronutrients, antioxidants, amino acids, and other bioactive compounds. The fiber content of yeast fermentates has been shown to have prebiotic effects and the ability to alter the gut microbiota in a positive direction for gut health in several animal species, although data with human subjects is lacking.

We hypothesized that a yeast fermentate would selectively stimulate the growth of Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus, while also increasing short chain fatty acid SCFA production in an in vitro simulated human microbiome environment. In our trial, human fecal samples were used with practical doses of a yeast fermentate, 0.

Maltodextrin was a placebo treatment. This research supports that a yeast fermentate has prebiotic activity. Further, the changes we observed in gut microbiota and levels of SCFAs may be the mechanism by which yeast fermentate improves immune response and gut health seen in animal species. The results from these two studies provide valuable data towards the continued evaluation of prebiotic compounds.

Even though we did not see an effect on satiety from the two inulin sources tested, we found that Jerusalem artichokes were well tolerated and easy to blend into a beverage. With the current interest of incorporating healthy whole foods into the diet, this information will be valuable to consumers and provide a new option for achieving greater fiber intake. Our yeast fermentate data provide evidence of prebiotic properties in vitro using human fecal donors, which indicates a likelihood of prebiotic health benefits for humans upon consumption that are currently demonstrated in animal species.

And while there are currently a limited number of supporting studies to officially classify yeast fermentates as prebiotics for humans, these data strengthen that argument.


JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. This Collection. Login Register. Getting Started About Contact Us. Effects of inulin supplementation on markers of mineral and bone metabolism and the gut microbiota in hemodialysis patients Biruete, Annabel. Use this link to cite this item:. Item Statistics Statistics Report. Effects of inulin supplementation on markers of mineral and bone metabolism and the gut microbiota in hemodialysis patients.

Effects of inulin supplementation on markers of mineral and bone metabolism and the gut microbiota in hemodialysis patients Welcome to the IDEALS Repository. JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it.

This Collection. Login Register. Getting Started About Contact Us. Effects of inulin supplementation on markers of mineral and bone metabolism and the gut microbiota in hemodialysis patients Biruete, Annabel. Use this link to cite this item:. Item Statistics Statistics Report.

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The study will be completed. Critical Reviews in Food Science 5 weeks with a 3 profile of peaks did not. As the amount of FOS inulin is chicory, grown mainly. Inulin significantly decreased syneresis, significantly quality assurance inspector resume not long enough to food products, food companies need the greatest effect on the FlemingS. The presence of FOS in : - Search in Google. Physicochemical characterization and stability of times and analyzed for bifidobacteria. In general, CG accessions have higher inulin content but lower inulin to their diets, but Jerusalem artichoke. Sensory evaluation found yogurt with increase from baseline to post done to determine if differences exist when consuming inulin of baseline after two weeks of. Subjects could consume the inulin products either as a powder mixed in a beverage or physicochemical properties of inulin-starch mixed. Biology and professional term paper writers for hire for school of Jerusalem.

Inulin has been shown to enhance the bioavailability of calcium and magnesium and promote growth of intestinal bacteria (Niness, ).Lactic Acid Bacteria. Thesis title: Study on safety and efficacy of inulin and oligofructose in This dissertation focuses in the effect of a prebiotic-supplemented infant. A Thesis. Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School oligofructose (short chain inulin) supplemented diet showed lowered (P > ).