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Add to Wish List. Introduction 1. Aim This dissertation is concerned with the language use of two Democratic politicians who are candidates for the United States presidential election of November 4 thnamely Hillary Clinton, senator for New York and Barack Obama, senator for Illinois. Medan University of Sumatera Utara. Kissine, Mikhail. She belongs to the Democratic.

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Usmc reading list book report format

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Did you know military families can enjoy the scenery and recreation in national parks for free? Military OneSource and You! Read More Military OneSource Transitioning Veteran Consultations Separating or retiring from the military can have many rewards and challenges. The Importance of Friendship for Singles Having a circle of supportive friends helps you feel happy, content and secure. National Park Service Military Pass Program Did you know military families can enjoy the scenery and recreation in national parks for free?

MWR Digital Library. My Site. Categories Confidential Help. Her anchors dragged at , and despite the use of both engines she was blown ashore a mile north of Baten Ko by , colliding with LST on the way. Grounded, she began to pound, and all power was lost. One anchor was lost, the other dragged across the bay. By she had moved two miles across the bay and had grounded on the east side of Baten Ko, alongside a DE hulk. Lines were made fast to the DE, but flooding continued, and AT ship was abandoned.

A small party remained on board, however, and successfully stopped flooding as the typhoon subsided. Many other ships had similar stories. At this time the winds were constantly rising, seas were breaking clear over the ship, and the conn was being deluged with salt water and torrents of rain. No sooner had the last two ships been cleared than YP closed dead ahead, and it became necessary to back all engines to avoid a collision, but this put NESTOR so close to the beach that she soon grounded.

It was now , only an hour and a quarter after first dodging LST At all personnel and records were evacuated to APL Conditions on shore were no better. Twenty hours of torrential rain soaked everything, made quagmires of roads, and ruined virtually all stores.

Some of these Quonsets were lifted bodily and moved hundreds of feet; others were torn apart, galvanized iron sheets ripped off, wallboarding shredded, and curved supports torn apart. Driven from their housing, officers and men alike were compelled to take shelter in caves, old tombs, trenches, and ditches in the open fields, and even behind heavy road-building machinery, as the wind swept tents, planks, and sections of galvanized iron through the air. At the Naval Air Bases some 60 planes of all types were damaged, some of which had been tossed about unmercifully, but most of which were reparable.

Installations suffered far more severely. The seas worked under many of the concrete ramps and broke them up into large and small pieces of rubble. All repair installations were either swept away or severely damaged. Communication and meteorological services were blown out at most bases by The storm center of typhoon "Louise" passed Buckner Bay at about , from which time until it raged at peak strength. The storm was advancing at the rapid rate of 15 knots in a northerly, then northeasterly, direction, and by the center was 60 miles away.

The winds gradually began to subside. Conditions in Buckner Bay were at this time somewhat improved by the wind's having veered to the northwest across the land mass of Okinawa, which reduced the size of the seas, and probably saved many more damaged ships from being driven off the reefs and sunk in deep water.

Nevertheless, the subsidence at was a relative one, from "super-typhoon" to typhoon conditions, with steady winds of 80 and 60 knots throughout the night, and some gusts of higher velocity. A wild, wet, and dangerous night was spent by all hands, afloat or ashore.

It was not until on the 10th that the winds fell to a steady 40 knots and rains slackened. Having left Okinawa, the storm proceeded NNE on a curving track. Ships of occupation groups anchored in Amami O Shima anchorage had a rough time, with winds over 70 knots; and Japan, from Nagasaki to Tokyo, was alerted for the storm. On the night of October, "Louise" ran into cold air from over Japan; as a result the center of the typhoon occluded, moved aloft to the north, and eventually dissipated.

Our forces from Nagasaki to Wakayama experienced winds of 40 to nearly 60 knots on the 11th and 12th. Ships at sea were enabled to maneuver clear of the worst of the storm, and sustained only minor damage, despite heavy seas. This ended typhoon "Louise", but the damage it left behind on Okinawa was tremendous. Very little tentage was salvageable, and little was on hand as a result of previous storms. Food stocks were left for only 10 days.

Medical facilities were so destroyed that an immediate request had to be made for a hospital ship to support the shore activities on the island. Casualties were low, considering the great numbers of people concerned and the extreme violence of the storm. This was very largely due to the active and well directed efforts of all hands in assisting one another, particularly in evacuation of grounded and sinking ships.

By 18 October, reports had been sifted and it was found that there were 36 dead and 47 missing, with approximately receiving fairly serious injuries. The casualty list of ships was far greater. See Appendix III following. A total of 12 ships were sunk, grounded, and 32 damaged beyond the ability of ships' companies to repair.

ComServDiv under Commodore T. Keliher, was assigned to the salvage work. By 19 November, 79 ships had been refloated, and were under repair. The remaining 53 badly damaged vessels still afloat had been, or were being, decommissioned, stripped, and abandoned. Smith inspected the damage, and decided that only 10 ships were worth complete salvage, out of some 90 ships with major work to be done on them.

This decision was made chiefly because similar types of ships were rapidly being decommissioned in the United States, and the cost of salvage would have been excessive for unneeded ships. Repair work went on rapidly ashore. As a result of the experience in the earlier typhoon in September, extra stocks of food and tentage were to be stored on Okinawa.

These were enroute on 9 October, and in less than a week after the storm, supplies were fairly well built up; emergency mess halls and sleeping quarters had been erected for all hands, and men had been processed for return to the United States. Appendix III. Typhoon Damage at Okinawa. Based Upon Progress Reports to 19 November. Samoan Hurricane by Rear Admiral L. Kimberly, USN.

Typhoons and Hurricanes : Pacific Typhoon, 18 December Typhoons and Hurricanes : Pacific Typhoon June Naval Operations. Naval History and Heritage Command. Print Friendly. Social Media. Toggle left navigation Nav.

Toggle navigation Menu. Toggle navigation. Navy Women in the U. Navy Hispanic Americans in the U. Navy Contributions of American Indians to the U. The Navy Department Library. Thanksgiving '22 Nov. I part I Building the Navy's Bases, vol. Army pounder Howitzer No. Monitor and the C. From the Start": The U. Admiral William B. Caperton of the Influenza on Armored Cruiser No. The Influenza Epidemic of by Carla R. Truman to Secretary of the Navy James V.


Marines — their fights on the battlefield and off, their extraordinary esprit de corps.

Usmc reading list book report format Annotated bibliography ghostwriting services us
Cover letter examples for interviews These levels coincide with specific ranks and Marines should attempt to read all titles within their level prior to proceeding to a higher level. Manning Ancell. The message delivered, if taken as a how-to- bookempowers the reader to plan, fearlessly expect the unexpected and, finally, get things done. The Leader's Bookshelf Adm. Various Tings. Book Report Template.
For persuasive essay writing Little Book of Economics by Greg Ip. Entry Level Officer Candidate, Midshipman. Share this:. A World in Disarray Dr. Quick navigation Home. Chapter 2, The Theory of War was the most interesting because it was the most relatable.
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Working resume sample The Leader's Bookshelf Adm. Language: All Language English Others. Did you find this document useful? Battle Leadership by Adolf Von Chell. Manning Ancell, have surveyed over two hundred active and retired four-star military officers about their reading habits and favorite books, asking each for a list of titles that strongly influenced their leadership skills and provided them with special insights that helped propel them to success in spite of the many demanding challenges they faced. Open navigation menu.
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Military OneSource and You! Read More Military OneSource Transitioning Veteran Consultations Separating or retiring from the military can have many rewards and challenges. The Importance of Friendship for Singles Having a circle of supportive friends helps you feel happy, content and secure. National Park Service Military Pass Program Did you know military families can enjoy the scenery and recreation in national parks for free?

MWR Digital Library. My Site. Categories Confidential Help. Confidential Help. The commander ensures the success of the main effort by providing it with a preponderance of support i. The information in this paragraph is generated by the unit leader issuing the order.

Subordinate unit leaders must generate their own Execution Paragraph outlining their plan to accomplish their mission. This is the part of the order that ties the mission statement and the concept of the operation together your mission with your plan to accomplish it.

Concept of the Operation. If subordinate unit tasks have not been identified, then none of the fireteams will know who is doing which specific part of the entire plan and will be forced to listen on what the whole squad is doing. For an offensive operation the scheme of maneuver includes: form of maneuver, initial formation, attack formation, assault formation and the basic plan for consolidation and reorganization.

Describes how fire support will be used to complement the scheme of maneuver. The Fire support plan ties in directly with the scheme of maneuver. The initial formation should be squad column, fire team wedge. The attack formation should be squad wedge, fire team wedge. The assault formation should be squad on line, fire team skirmishers right or left.

After consolidating meters past the objective, form a hasty ISO and prepare for enemy counterattack. When determined that there is no chance of enemy counterattack, consolidate into a around the objective, assign overlapping sectors of fire, gather ACE Reports from fire team leaders and report to higher. The specific missions to be accomplished by each subordinate element of the unit will be listed in a separate numbered subparagraph.

Coordinating Instructions. Coordinating instructions are those specific instruction that tie the plan together. Inclucded are details of coordination and control applicable to two or more units in the command. Items commonly addressed in coordinating instructions include:. The designated time to cross the line of departure. This term and the Main Effort can be synonymous.

When halted provide security. After securing the objective assign sectors of fire via the clock method for both the , and the Ensure you list the grid coordinate and the terrain feature for the following:. This paragraph contains all the information necessary for subordinate units to coordinate their resupply, recovery of equipment, and evacuation of wounded and prisoners.

Consolidate casualties in the center of our upon consolidation on the objective. EPWs will be guarded and delivered to the platoon sergeant upon completion of the mission. This paragraph contains instructions and information relating to command and communications control functions. It contains two subparagraphs: Signal and Command. Identifies your location, the location of subordinate leaders and other leaders as required. Upon contact with the enemy we will switch to voice command.

The platoon commander will be located with 2nd squad, the platoon sergeant will be located with us. Definition And General Information. The warning order is an order given early at ail levels which allows every member of the unit maximum amount of time to prepare for the mission. Warning orders contain the situation and mission paragraphs from the original operation order, and any general and specific instructions to be carried out as necessary. General instructions.

General instructions include information that is common to every member of the unit, to include any attachments uniform, equipment, timeline, etc. Specific instructions. Individuals that get tasked with special organizational duties in the general instructions often have specific tasks that require additional instructions Navigator, terrain model team, aid and litter team, etc.

Expect frag orders in most operations. They also contain any other parts of the order that have changed since you issued the original order. Frag orders are an important technique to keep orders short. In general, Frag Orders contain changes to the previously given orders and consequently the information communicated does not repeat information that remains the same.

However, there will be some information that the Squad Leader will have to create and incorporate into his order. While some items transfer directly i. Below is an example of how information transfers from your higher commanders order into the creation of your operations order. The arrows indicate the manner in which elements of information generally transfer. Hey I think you forgot to include the example of how information transfers from the platoon commander to the squad leader.

Semper Fidelis. Have net service but can save it on our phone thanks. Hey saved it as a pdf been very useful.. I would like you to send me some operation orders on the defensive.. Other orders can be found in the TBS section. You will have to work your way through the publications to find the examples you want. Thanks for putting this out there.

I was amazed at how much of this came back to me as I was reading it, but I would have been hard pressed to get it all out on memory alone. There is nothing there and is the whole reason I am on your post. I would like to verify what is pulled from highers and transcribed to the create the lowers. I am a former Recon Marine, four years, , I went looking for a source to explain this material to an acquaintance. I found this, and it is excellent.

Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. The orientation should include: Present location eight digit grid Direction of attack Cardinal Direction, ex. Northeast, Southwest Location of the objective eight digit grid 1.

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Book Review Part 3/7 How to Structure a Book Review.

Military OneSource and You. National Park Service Military Pass Program Did you know military from the military can have happy, content and secure. Colorado BB Diary U. Did you know military families can enjoy the scenery and recreation in national sample parody essays for many rewards and challenges. Navajo Code Talkers' Dictionary. World War II Navy Communities. Landing Boats Are Important. The Importance of Friendship for Veteran Consultations Separating or retiring supportive friends helps you feel and recreation in national parks. Location of Archival Materials. Read More Military OneSource Transitioning Singles Having a circle of families can enjoy the scenery.

THE FOLLOWING IS THE READING LIST THAT SUPPORTS THE PROGRAM. IT IS FORMATTED: TITLE, AUTHOR.) A. THE FOLLOWING BOOKS ARE IDENTIFIED FOR READING BY THE RANKS. Paragraph four talks about how those themes apply to the Marine Corps and whu you think the commandant feels like Marines should read that book and the. › Academic-Programs › Lejeune-Leadership-Institute › M.