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Our God is a God of more than enough. Note also that God used what the widow already had. While the Bible generally does not encourage debt, this passage does indicate that there are instances in which it is appropriate — and even encouraged! Yes she borrowed but it was nonperishable and nonconsummable. They could have gotten the pot at anytime and she would not have been homeless like a mortgage or stigmatized credit card debt.

What the prophet asked didnt have the potential to enslave her in anyway. So it was merely at test of faith creating how much action or effort to get results. Larry was right. God Bless. Denise, I agree with your comment.

The widow was borrowing pots, not money. The pots were going to be filled by God in measure to her faith which was displayed by how willing she was to ask for pots to borrow. This was a test of faith rather than a license to borrow beyond her means. We are entering a time where there will be a massive transfer of wealth to the rich. As Christians we have allowed ourselves to be drawn into the debt monster well beyond common sense. Let me explain: The world all nations without exception is so in debt that the current financial system as we know it now will collapse in a matter of a few years, if that long.

The result will be that the majority of us will not afford our mortgages, we will struggle just to feed our families. Millions will loose there houses. We will see the biggest ever housing slump the world has ever seen. The rich who has no debt will acquire our properties and other investment for a fraction of there worth and will just add to there riches.

There is only one solution, get out of debt, if you are deeply in- debt, you are better off to sell now at a small lost, rather than to loose everything. The complexity of our current financial system will take me hours to explain, but I have been granted insight into these matters and my warning is real and need to be taken very serious by all Christians. Scary thoughts here Gustav.

But perhaps we can turn all of this around and decide as a society to fight against debt? We as christians would be wise to heed this warning. Getting out of debt is part of our preparation. Having an intimate relationalship with our Lord Jesus is paramount or we will be swept up in the chaos that is to come.

Then we need more prophets in our midst. Most of all we need to get out of debt. Never get a penny again. The GOD of Abraham provided the money to pay off the loan and then some for the woman to provide for her family. She was a widow and unable to take care of herself. CoolHappy You are right! Thanks for pointing that out and while I think we are in agreement about Debt, it is good to keep this in mind…. So true. This was We are in Pandemic now. Im a refugee here in Philippines. Thanks for your comments!

The blog owner has comments turned off. I was just asked to do a guest post on there this week. Anyway, I also agree with that you said. God does work in mysterious ways. I will do some hard praying before getting into debt again though, after working so hard to get out in the first place. Hope to hear more. Let it be to us according our faith. ALL was given a measure certain measure of faith. May God open our understanding. Nothing of this corrupt world system is compatible with the coming Kingdom.

Regarding debt!? God is righteous and wont alow the presure and challenges of this evil system to jeopordise our eternal inheritance! We are in but not of this world. This is a great post. Thank you for pointing out what the Word of God says.

After thinking it over, I realized that I might have left the wrong impression in my previous post. I did not intend to imply that entering into debt is necessarily sanctioned by the Lord. Yes, there was an instance in which the Lord used debt as an instrument in His miraculous deliverance. However, we should reflect:. She pleaded with prophet, the mouthpiece of the Lord.

At any point, she could return the jars. More important, the benefit from the borrowed items jars was a source of ongoing income. No spontaneous purchase here. However, I would submit that He preferred that her late husband would have exercised wisdom in his lifetime so that she would not find herself in this mess in the first place! You and your sons can live on what is left.

Not money. She was then told to fill the jars with oil that she had and sell it. She did not solve her problem via a loan. Ever borrowed a cup of sugar from a neighbor? So many people ignore their debts and in the end hurts all humanity. Thanks for the article on debt. This is a great site that I just happened upon recently. As for me, I managed to get completley out of debt 2 years ago when I paid off the house at 49 yrs of age.

And that in less than half the loan period of 25 years. I was challenged many years ago by a Christian brother that the Lord wanted us debt free and so I worked at it. Every pay rise, tax cut or other money fall would go into the loan. I had no other debts, drove old cars, fixed them myself and also anything that had to be done on the house I did myself where possible. Never took out any other loans and had only a debit card. I encouraged my children to finance their own tertiary education, which they have done very successfully my son finished a full time science degree debt free by working at Hungry Jacks part time using the same principles we have taught him.

I have a family with 5 children and my wife has never worked since we were married. We have always gone on holidays, we bought an old boat and restored it along with other hobby things, and I have never worked overtime, wanting to be home for my family as much as possible. What you say about giving is so right. I started tithing on my net income 25 years ago, then 2 years later was challenged to tithe on my gross income, then was challenged to give extra offerings.

Even before the house was paid off I was giving a fair bit more than the gross tithe and God just seemed to keep providing. My mother always wondered where the money was coming from. I have just an average paid job so its not like I have a massive income.

What you have challenged me in though is to give more now that I am debt free. As you said God wants us out of debt for Him, not for us, even though we reap the benefits as well. So I will be prayerfully considering what extra to be giving and where.

Great topic.. This is a great post Bob. Dear Readers This is such an amazing site! I found it a couple of months ago and have been blessed and encouraged by the comments and posts. I am on my way to debt freedom one day at a time. I am a tither and a big giver.

I had gotten into a really bad financial mess when my husband and I separated. We lost our house and had other bills that have gone waaaay behind as well. Now I am facing legal issues regarding these past due bills. My hats off to Anthony who talked about paying off his debts at the age of 49!!!

That is Phenomenal! I will try and match that somehow with what I already owe :. I will no longer be a slave to the creditor but instead be the one who lends the biblical way. If the world took every thing the word says about borrowing and lending, we would be in a better position. Sorry it was so long!

Be blessed. It sounds to me that most of us agree that personal debt should be minimalized so as to free us up to do more for God in areas where financial concerns would normally hinder us. Examples are charitable giving and philanthropy. However, I hear little discussion on capitalistic expansion through secured debt. I could not have done it without credit much the same as the ancient farmers who had to somehow get the seed for that very first crop.

Where did the farmer get the money to buy the first seed? Chances are someone gave him credit. Of course, Satan is attacking every aspect of that plan and Christians must now be stronger than ever. Having been on both sides of the issue, deeply in debt and debt free I can honestly say it is my opinion that God wants us to live our lives debt free. Debt free for the win baby! I am glad to have recieved wonderful advise, assurance and a hope that i will be debt freee soon.

I would request you guys to pray for me that i make wise decisions and handle God given money correctly…thanks again. Thank you for sharing your light on this topic concerning debt. I have read some of the comments as well and love that other entered. Some I somewhat disagree with, but they are their thoughts on the matter. We were not allowed to touch the Bible much less read it.

Thank God for salvation! It has enslaved so many Christians, to the point, they are unable to keep vows, help one another, or do the things that would security their freedom in Christ. Debt is not a gift from God! I am progressing toward becoming debt-free; each month that past, it is like a burden has been lifted from my family and I.

I am fully convinced that this is the Will of God for His People. The women did not have to pay for the vessels or at least we can not say if she did. She did not Owe. To me the biblical debt about good debt vs. You must trust in God to provide. You are trusting another Master to provide for your. If you use debt to to replace a provision or to increase your earnings it does become your master. If the debt leaves you with less money the next month. I will give what I feel is acceptable debt.

I have never felt a slave for my mortgage as it just replaces rent. Financing a car so you can get to work. If you loose your income you will be in trouble. Buying a car where you save the payment in gas. New Corvette. If your level of contentment does not change the debt is acceptable. It is true that God will provide but not through a loan.

We are the ones to make debts and find it difficult to pay back. But when we realize our situation, causes and pitfalls and pray to God He surely hears and delivers us from this burden. God knows how to pay our bills and He allows some situations in our lives to teach us many things out of it.

In fact He loves us so much that when we cry to Him He responds and make a way for us. Its bcoz God sees through our hearts and intention in there. Well, what would you say about my situation? My in-laws, who are believers God bless them gives us loans. Not one or two, but several. But I do know that Proverbs speaks to having savings for just such an occasion. On the business side, my man Dave Ramsey says that when you have a collections problem you actually have a billing problem.

Look him up on it. This is especially true if you are self-employed. I stand by what I said. Just the words of a debt free, self-employed guy. You make it sound as if there is no way to eat other than loans from your in-laws. I do know that as a business man if I was in a tight spot and someone lost paperwork that was essential to me being paid I would go sit in person with the owner of the business and explain to him that this was putting me in a bind and making his business look bad.

This could also be a learning experience of who not to do business with. We had to make the decision not to do business with certain partners unless they paid up front. Scott, I guess we have to agree to disagree. But I guess in my reality, there are other factors that put limits on what I can control. I stumbled onto you researching for a money management class with a focus on DEBT.

Your words are so right on and I plan to devour your other articles. May I have your permission to use some of your thoughts; i. Download Resume. Powell; District Secretary. Download Letter of Good Standing. You will be blessed by the anointed and powerful presentation of the Word as they challenge your people to help reach people across the street and around the world. Randy Brummitt to your church in order that he might share his heart. I had the distinct honor and privilege of serving with Randy both when he was an Associate Pastor serving under my father Rev.

I want to assure you that Rev. Brummitt is both gifted and passionate when it comes to preaching the word of God. Randy has the distinct gift from the Holy Spirit of making the word of God come alive in the hearts of people. I know that he will direct this same passion and focus into your church. It is this type of dedicated servant that will be a blessing to you and your congregation. Again, I encourage you to make the effort to schedule Rev.

Isaac Wright.

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Self reliance and other essays summary Conduct Bible Studies. The youth has seen tremendous growth in the last 3 years with no end in sight. MLC is small in number but big in faith, with a large campus poised for growth with the right leader. Church Administrators oversee daily operations in a church and support its values and vision. Tailor your resume by picking relevant responsibilities from the examples below and then add your accomplishments.
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Assembly of god resume Not only does the material look much better than a faxed. If you call and I do not answer please leave a message and I will return your phone call. Recruited and trained lay leaders to fulfill the mission of the church. As pastor I am currently serving in a bivocational role so we are not asking for someone to do something that we are not willing to do ourselves. MLC is small in number but big in faith, with a large campus poised for growth with the right leader.
Awards and certifications on resume Pastor Section 4 ——Jonesboro Refuge Church is seeking a full time Worship Pastor to lead adult worship teams, oversee worship teams of all ministry areas, and to oversee media ministry. This way, you can position yourself in the best way to get hired. Church has a beautiful new building. D in Nsf dissertation and a Master's in the same sphere, just list your Ph. This is a district affiliated church.
Assembly of god resume Minimal pay but great opportunity for those trying to get into the ministry they are called to. We are looking for a pastor that is a seasoned leader, that is filled with the Holy Spirit, ready to take the remnant of our church and lead us into the future. Conducted special ceremonies such as weddings, funerals, water baptisms, and communion services. Senior Pastors are experienced church staff reporting directly to the leadership team. Get reviews and contact details for each business including phone number, postcode, opening hours and photos.
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Assembly of god resume Isaac Wright. Served as the Iowa District Council men's sectional representative. We currently have approximately 15 kids and offer a great work environment with flexible hours in a beautiful part of the state! Prefer a young couple. This could immediately be a very well compensated position for the right fit.


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