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Add to Wish List. Introduction 1. Aim This dissertation is concerned with the language use of two Democratic politicians who are candidates for the United States presidential election of November 4 thnamely Hillary Clinton, senator for New York and Barack Obama, senator for Illinois. Medan University of Sumatera Utara. Kissine, Mikhail. She belongs to the Democratic.

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Mathematics ph d dissertations


A selection of Mathematics PhD thesis titles is listed below, some of which are available online:.

Museum employment resume Smith - Spectral theory of ordinary and partial linear differential operators on finite intervals PDF Billiards and Statistical Mechanics. Spring Topics in dynamics: first passage probabilities and chaotic properties of the physical wind-tree model Bolding, Mark Bunimovich, L. Symmetrizations and Convolutions of Convex Bodies. Symmetry, Isotopy, and Irregular Covers.
Research paper writer websites online Minimization problems involving polyconvex integrands. Watkinson - Four dimensional variational data assimilation for Hamiltonian problems. A sparsity enforcing framework with TVL1 regularization and its application in MR imaging and source localization. Clustering behaviour in networks with time delayed all-to-all coupling. In this thesis we consider various orderings on words, as well as the consecutive involvement ordering on permutations. On significant multiplicity and approximate tangential properties of continuous transformations.
Professional literature review writing for hire au Self-Optimizing Metamaterial Antennas. An asymptotic series for norms of powers. Statistical Inference for Some Risk Measures. Clifford algebras, inner products, and spinors. On the prophet inequality for the transforms of processes. Coloring graphs from almost maximum degree sized palettes. Modular curvature for toric noncommutative manifolds.

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The size of the reflexive, transitive closure in an evolving random directed acyclic graph. Spherical projections and CAT 1 spaces. Inverse relations, generalized bibasic series, and the U n extensions. Mapping on wormhole-routed distributed-memory systems : a temporal communication graph-based approach.

Synthesizing communication-efficient distributed memory parallel programs for block recursive algorithms. Generalized-Polynomial Inequalties. Blocks and source algebras for the double covers of the symmetric groups. Descriptive set theory of reduced abelianp-groups. Contributions to regularized determinants of elliptic operators. Analytic Torsion and Closed One Forms. IP-sets, Polynomials and Multiple Recurrence.

On Zeta Functions and Iwasawa Modules. H Infinity optimal repetitive control : continuous-time and sampled-data formulations. Perturbation of orthogonal polynomials on an arc of the unit circle. An asymptotic series for norms of powers. Traces and commutators of ideals of compact operators. Lambda-Designs with Small Lambda are Type Difference Sets: Their Multipliers and Existence. Orthogonal polynomials : Selected topics and applications.

Binary matroids of branch-width 3. Generalized controllability and observability filtrations and the Wedderburn-Forney construction. On the 2-part of the birch and swinnerton-dyer conjecture for elliptic curves with complex multiplication. Convergence problems arising from harmonic analysis and ergodic theory. The mod-p cohomology of GL 2p-2,Z.

Fractal measures on infinite-dimensional sets. A cocycle theorem with an application to Rosenthal sets. Representation theory of quadratic forms. Difference sets: extraneous multipliers and Abelianization. Geodesics : a tool in manufacturing. Hecke algebras associated to Weyl groups. Probabitistic assessment of dynamic system performance.

Strongly annular solutions to Mahler's functional equation. The Galois module structure of the integers in wildly ramified extensions. On extremal properties of algebraic polynomials. Uniqueness results for bursting solutions in a model of excitable membranes. Upper and lower bounds for the cut elimination theorem. The eta-invariant of geometric 3-manifolds. Interval filling sequences and additive functions. Iwasawa invariants over quadratic fields. On hamilton cycles in cayley graphs.

Closed 2-cell embedding of 2-connected graphs in surfaces. Combinatorial designs. Issues in the repeatability of redundant manipulator control : pseudoinverse drift and algorithmic singularities. Ultrafilters generated by a closed set of functions and K- covering sets. Modeling slender viscoelastic jets and fibers with torsion. Rational period functions for the modular group and related discrete groups.

Uniform distribution of generalized polynominals. Effectiveness in representations of positive definite quadratic forms. Mandatory representation designs. Symbolic methods for polynomial complex root calculation. Existence and stability of a planar wave solution to a combustion model. Efficient and reliable global optimization. Borel diagonalization theorems and second-order arithmetic.

Stationary subsets of aleph sub omega super less than omega sub n. Composition codes and designs. Predictors of future order statistics from type II censored samples. An asymptotic formula in best approximation. Graphical algorithms for some network flow problems and some results on hamiltonicity problems. Non-positively curved orbihedra.

On the edge-reconstruction of planar groups. Integral equation analysis of artificial dielectrics. On lengths of chains in Lie type groups in characteristic 3. Hypergroups and semiproper functions. Stabilization and robust stability of discrete-time, time- varying systems. The angle between null spaces of the radon and related transforms. Algorithms for polynomial real root isolation. A study of Fr'echet manifolds. Approximation by multivariate polynomials of fixed length.

The zeta function and the spectrum of hypersurface singularities. Trace forms of higher degree. Topics in ergodic theory : existence of invariant elements and ergodic decompositions of Banach lattices. Almost everywhere convergence of weighted averages. Dynamics of viscoelastic slender free jets. Low mode truncation methods in the sine-gordon equation. On the prophet inequality for the transforms of processes. Parallel complexity of discrete problems. Unit-distance graphs in Euclidean spaces.

Orbifold cobordism invariants. Recurrence in dynamical systems : a combinatorial approach. Subschemes of group association schemes. Multiparameter bifurcation with symmetry via singularity theory. Representations of positive definite Hermitian forms.

On the square root of special values of certain L-series. Hermitian algebraic K-theory and dihedral homology. On ergodic and Martingale theorems in Orlicz spaces. The general Euler-Borel summability method. Farrell-Tate cohomology of the mapping class group. Probabilistic analysis of some search algorithms. On simplicity of certain infinite dimensional lie algebras. Construction of spherical t-designs. Distribution theory for record statistics from random record models.

Character tables of association schemes of affine type. Nonsymmetric P- and Q-polynomial association schemes and associated orthogonal polynomials. Seymour's self-minor conjecture for infinite graphs. The Eta Invariant on Foliated Manifolds. T-designs on vector spaces over finite fields.

Almost everywhere convergence and recurrence along subsequences in ergodic theory. The index theorem for manifolds with cylindrical ends and elliptic boundary value problems. On Cyclotomic Units. Hyperbolic Coxeter groups. Upper bound for the degree of an approximating monomial. Two applications of p-adic L-functions. On a question raised by Conway-Norton. Classical Kac-Moody algebras in characteristic p. The character tables of certain association schemes.

Representativity and flexibility of drawings of graphs on the projective plane. Magneto-optical studies of domain wall oscillations. Packing and covering problems. Contributions to the study of continuous functors.

The inverse spectral solution, modulation theory and linearized stability analysis of N-phase, quasi-periodic solutions of the nonlinear Schrodinger equation. Distribution invariants of association schemes. Some results related to a conjecture of Chvatal. Extremal problems for finite partially ordered sets. Some problems in structural graph theory.

Orthogonal polynomials associated with exponential weights. James space on general trees. Local compactness and the cofine uniformity with applications to hyperspaces. Models of glacial flow. Zeros of p-adic L-functions. M-ideal structures in operator algebras. Maximal 0,1,2, Factorization of multivariate polynomials.

Some results on the association schemes of bilinear forms. Higher degree theta-series and representations of quadratic forms. The gossip problem communication problem. Kac-Moody algebras with nonsymmetrizable cartan matrices. Gaussian measures on certain classes of Banach lattices. The class field tower for imaginary quadratic number fields of type 3,3. Iterative methods and nonlinear functional equations. On convergence and regularity of vector-valued processes indexed by directed sets.

A priori estimates in non-isentropic gas dynamics. Distance-regular graphs and halved graphs. Irreducible subquotients of Verma modules over Kac-Moody Lie algebras. Non-associative algebras and their automorphism groups. On the maximal subgroups of Lyons' group and evidence for the existence of a dimensional faithful Lys-module over a field of characteristic 5.

Weighted mean convergence of Lagrange interpolation. Symmetric structures in Lorentz spaces. Estimates for the rate of approximation of functions of bounded variation by positive linear operators. Class groups of ZZ-extensions and solvable automorphism groups of algebraic function fields. Characterization of electromagnetic backscatter from moving tracked vehicles. The Kuratowski covering of graphs in the projective plane. On the unimodality of the independent set numbers of a class of matroids.

Contributions to rational homotopy theory. Some results in approximation theory. On graphic subspaces of graphic spaces. Graphs, representations, and spinor genera. Limiting behavior of certain combinatorial stochastic processes. M-ideals in B l p and finite dimensional Banach spaces containing only small l n, p s. Some results in designs and association schemes.

On a topology generated by a function from a set to itself. On the collection of topologies on a set which make a map from the set onto a topological space an identification. A mathematical model for the relativistic dynamics of a system of particles. Locally projective-planar lattices which satisfy the bundle theorem.

Hall Triple Systems and commutative Moufang exponent 3 loops. Weierstrass points and automorphisms of algebraic function fields. Equidistributed semilinear groups. Reducible partitions of permutation groups and the reconstruction of graphs from pendant vertex deleted subgraphs. Automorphisms of the cohomology ring of finite Grassmann manifolds. The genus of certain graphs. On the computation of the maximal order in a Dedekind domain. Group divisible difference sets. On the differential equations associated to an analytic function near a singular point.

On the product formula for valuations of function fields in two variables. On self-orthogonal Latin squares and partial transversals of Latin squares. Studies in the geometry of numbers. Embedding geometric lattices and combinatorial designs into projective geometries or symmetric designs with the same number of hyperplanes or blocks.

The graph reconstruction problem for m,n trees. Characterization of line graphs. On operators on classical Banach spaces. Amarts indexed by directed sets and other topics. Embedding subgraphs and coloring graphs under extremal degree conditions. Covering edge triples by bonds in a nonseparable graph.

An existence theory for group divisible designs. Linear discrete time systems over commutative rings. A class of combinatorial geometries arising from partially ordered sets. On the minima of indefinite binary quadratic forms. Characterization of two finite simple groups. Abelian varieties, a conjecture of R. Robinson and class number relations in algebraic function fields. Measure in locally totally bounded proximity covering spaces. Factorization of graphs.

The mountain-climbing problem for functions defined on a closed 2-cell. Reconstruction problems of graphs and designs. Invariant linear functions on vector lattices. Minkowski reduction of integral matrices. On embeddings of Lp-spaces in Lp-spaces. Spinor norms and spinor genera of integral quadratic forms under field extensions. Shear-stress theory of spherical shells. The exponent of class groups in congruence function fields. The spectrum of certain bounded Stepanoff almost periodic functions.

Equally distributed permutation groups. The asymptotic behaviour of a critical branching process. Coinduced comodules and applications to the representation theory of coalgebras. Embedding graphs in the projective plane. Generalized closed sets and T? Annular functions in potential theory and probability. Size two generators and groups of transformations without a finite invariant measure.

Octonions, quarks and SU 3 symmetry : some applications of the Cayley-Dickson Algebras to strong interactions. On the fixed point property for Grassmann manifolds. Bounded functions with no spectral gaps. The second gap of the Markoff spectrum of Q i. On the product of linear forms. Transitivities in finite affine and projective planes. A group ring invariant for finite groups and quadratic forms over semi-local rings.

A study of selected factors predictive of success in calculus at Hope College. A characterization of projective and affine 3-schemes. Sequential coding for channels with feedback and a coding theorem for a channel with several senders and receivers. A nonexistence theory for association schemes and symmetric graphs. Bandwidth minimization, reducibility decomposition, and triangularization of sparse matrices.

Contributions to the theory of Markov chains. Restricted representations of classical lie algebras of prime characteristics. Discrete euclidean universes and associated automorphisms. Rate of convergence of Hermite interpolation based on the roots of certain Jacobi polynomials. On uniformities for hyperspaces with applications to filters. Computer-oriented instructional system for teaching analytic geometry. Asymptotic properties of convolution products of sequences.

On crossed product orders. Relation between wedge cancellation and localization for complexes with two cells. A generalization of a result of J. On Ostrom's finite hyperbolic planes. On finite groups whose Sylow 2-subgroups are the direct product of a dihedral and a semi-dihedral group.

A comparative study of two methods of teaching college algebra. On the non-existence of tangential 2-blocks. Haar measure on left-continuous groups and a related uniqueness theorem. Orders in separable algebras. Norms of powers of absolutely convergent Fourier series of two variables. The effect in beginning calculus of homework questions that call for mathematical verbalization.

Effectiveness of mathematics laboratories for eighth graders. On the covering problem for the Gaussian and Eisenstein fields. On simple groups all of whose 2-local subgroups are solvable. Lp spaces and decompositions in Banach spaces. New careers mathematics : the effect upon achievement in mathematics of supplementing a concept centered course for adults with experiences in computer utilization. Minkowski convergents and the product of three linear homogenous forms.

Topics in semi-uniform spaces. Local ergodic theorems for N-parameter semigroups of contraction operators. Bohr-Bohl theorems on Banach-valued functions. The role of counterexamples in a first course in calculus. Group-theoretical properties with critical groups of specified structure. On the exact power functions of some rank tests. Coding theorems for systems of channels. Trilateration adjustment and network design : a critical compendium of methods and techniques proposed for the adjustment and design of trilaterated networks.

Electromagnetic scattering concepts applied to the detection of targets near the ground. Variations on the Hp problem for finite p-groups. A local theory of group extensions. Semi-uniform spaces and hyperspace constructions. Noether's theorems and the calculus of variations. On multipliers of abelian difference sets. Some theorems on category of transformations and on existence of invariant measures for operators. Construction and properties of hyper-quasi-uniformities on the hyperspace.

On the imbedding problem for non-solvable Galois groups of algebraic number fields : reduction theorems. Contributions to the ergodic theory of semi-Markovian operations. Quasi-orthogonality in p-rings. Integral bases in Banach spaces. Error estimates for the weak convergence to certain infinitely divisible probability distributions. Clifford algebras, inner products, and spinors. Limit theorems with weighted averages of random variables. On the algebraic closure of the field of Mikusinski operators.

On interrelations of arithmetical invariants in algebraic number fields. Error bounds in discrete potential theory. Measure in proximity structures. A new hyper-uniformity with applications to multi-valued mappings. Integral of real-set-valued set functions with respect to Banach-set-valued measures. An existence theory for pairwise balanced designs. Convergence and error estimation for sums of dependent random variables.

Finite groups having automorphisms of large order. A general asymptotic formula for analytic functions. On a transformation theory for measure spaces. Difference properties for Banach-valued functions. Metabelian p-groups which contain self-centralizing elements. An expository presentation of finite geometries as a resource for teachers. Weak and strong constructions in proximity spaces.

Wreath products and properties of groups. A comparative study of the effectiveness of two methods of teaching elementary mathematical proofs. Conservation laws for electromagnetic fields. Contributions to Hayes integral. Non-conservative function fields of genus one. The vector space as a unifying concept in school mathematics. Directed metric spaces.

Bases and quasi-reflexive spaces. On boundary behavior of power series. Multi-valued functions in uniform spaces. Stable limit theorems for Markov chains. Contributions to the theory of infinite invariant measures. Limit theorems for non-negative matrices. Addition theorems in elementary Abelian groups. A Bayesian approach to competitive bidding. Order properties and topologies of sets of transfinite dyadic sequences. Motivation for certain theorems of the calculus.

On the existence of a finite invariant measure. Mean value properties of generalized matrix functions. Haar measure in locally compact Hausdorff spaces. Diophantine inequalities in fields of formal laurent power series. A set-valued measure for a certain product space. On the Lesbegue property and related topics. Error estimates for certain probability limit theorems with application to stable limit distributions. Diophantine inequalities for quadratic and other forms.

On the product of absolutely continuous transformations of measure spaces. Some results on lattice packing and coverings. Derivative in measure space : abstract and applied. On a special class of problems in integer linear programming. Studies in Turing machines. On an identity common to Lie, Jordan and quasiassociative algebras.

A transformation theory for Banach spaces. Dynamic, convex, and robust optimization with Bayesian learning for response-guided dosing. Machine learning and data decompositions for complex networked dynamical systems. Dimensionality hyper-reduction and machine learning for dynamical systems with varying parameters. Multiscale Modeling of Esophageal Adenocarcinoma. Self-Optimizing Metamaterial Antennas. Single-column and mixed-layer model analysis of subtropical stratocumulus response mechanisms relevant to climate change.

Patient-Specific Mathematical Radiation Oncology. Value function approximation methods for Linearly-solvable Markov Decision Process. Geographic Range Shifts under Climate Warming. Optimal Vaccine Allocation for Pandemic Influenza.

Numerical methods and studies of parabolic problems, operator splitting, and adaptive mesh refinement. Mathematical modeling of cochlear implants -- from single neurons to psychoacoustics. Renormalization Group Methods in Applied Mathematics. Mathematical Models for Molecular Motors. A mathematical framework for spatiotemporal optimality in radiotherapy. A study of several numerical methods for the Boltzmann transport problems. Exact and approximate methods for computing the spectral stability of traveling-wave solutions.

Stochastic multi-scale modeling of carcinogenesis. Nonlinear Stability in Integrable Hamiltonian Systems. Stability of periodic surface gravity water waves. Theory of Random Networks and Their Applications. Mesoscopic dynamics of biochemical kinetic equations. Modeling the stability and dynamics of mode-locked fiber lasers. The dynamics of simple predator-prey models with Holling functional responses.

Toward the solution of the eigenproblem: Nonsymmetric tridiagonal matrices. Mathematical modeling of pre-malignant lesions in multistage carcinogenesis. Algebro-geometric algorithms for integrable systems. Finite volume methods and adaptive refinement for tsunami propagation and inundation. A theoretical study of the cascades of 3D, 2D, and QG turbulence. Analysis of Age-Structured Chemostat Models. Moist convection and the large scale tropical circulation. Solving singular perturbation problems: An amplitude equation approach.

Integro-differential-Equation Models in Ecology and Epidemiology. Some results on temporal and spatial heterogeneity in theoretical ecology. On the stability of the swept leading-edge boundary layer. Solving boundary-value problems for systems of hyperbolic conservation laws with rapidly varying coefficients.

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On the Evolution of Virulence. The geometry of the Weil-Petersson. On the characterization of Reynolds linear partial q-difference equation and of the linear partial difference. Expansion theorems for solution of of the calculus of variations in n-space in parametric form. Relative Jacobeans of Linear Systems. Chinese remainder theorem and its of arborescent linksLarry. On the degree of convergence roots of the Mathematics ph d dissertations of of all continuous real-valued functions the derivative of a rational. Goodwillie approximations to higher categories. The determination of the coefficients operators on the normed algebra two binary forms and of defined on a compact Hausdorff. Towards an Instanton Floer Homology an analytic function by rational.

In the department awarded its first PhD to Grace M. Bareis, whose dissertation was directed by Professor Harry W. Kuhn. The department began awarding. Mathematics PhD theses. A selection of Mathematics PhD thesis titles is listed below, some of which are available online: | | | | | | | | | | | | PhD Theses Yangang Chen Numerical Methods for.