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Add to Wish List. Introduction 1. Aim This dissertation is concerned with the language use of two Democratic politicians who are candidates for the United States presidential election of November 4 thnamely Hillary Clinton, senator for New York and Barack Obama, senator for Illinois. Medan University of Sumatera Utara. Kissine, Mikhail. She belongs to the Democratic.

Im trying to write a song any ideas sample resume for sap basis

Im trying to write a song any ideas


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Interesting tips and keywords for boosting inspiration. Take me back to those days, When I was allowed to dream, Where no one use to scream. Take me back to those days, When I was a child, Where I never use to find reasons to smile. Take me back those carefreee days, When I was far away from school days. Take me back to those days , where every one used to prase, no matter how foolish i behave.

Take me back to the day I was born, So that I could live those days again…………. I had good inspiration from 51, locked in a jar. I used it more metaphorically instead of literally. I need to move, I need to soar, I need to be able to speak my opinions and more. Just wanted to add a twist to this promt. If anyone has any creative criticism, go ahead!

My brain is out of order My thoughts have filled it to the brim Of my deepest thoughts of who I am Who we are As people We are out of order Never focusing on what we want Our passions All we ever get is work on top of work Pushing us down and down Like a giant hand Squeezing us into the depths of our depressions Until We can do anything But take it Anymore. Was inspired by 77 listen up Listen up…….! When would you listen up! No matter who shut you up!

Stand straight and look up! You might have been down Like you have no crown Because deep down You were shut down. There is still hope When there is life Yes! You can still cope If you can see the light Yes! Even in the night.

Oh listen up! Please listen up and take charge, You are better than the best Listen up! And oh! Please listen up. Clear glass is all i feel, apart from people, I hope I heal, I will never be equal,. I am different I am hurt raging currents people put on high alert but no one cares. One day this will all blow away someday I will be molded out of clay but until then I will be lead astray.

Thus, to me she said… You cannot use curse words in a court report… you need to paraphrase his quote. If you were my English professor back in the day, I could only imagine how much further in life I would have been…. But what if, You met someone, Who had a secret so big, That telling anyone would lead to horrible things.

And what if, That person told someone, And what they told them, Was more horrible than anything they could have ever imagined. What if, That person told everyone, And when the parents, Of the kid with the secret found out, They were furious. What if, They kept doing horrible things, Even though everyone knew, Even though they knew it was wrong.

And finally, What if, No one ever helped, The little kid with the biggest secret. On number 28 : Poision I wrote a poem for it and would like to share it. The poision of friends and love. Beaten,she lies there. For they may be mistaken. Laughter rings throughout the school halls; a pure disaster.

The dissapearence of parents hast caused this yet no one stops it. Perhaps im out of place.. Shes lost in space. I miss when you called me baby And I was in your arms saftely I know we drive eachother crazy But I miss callin you my baby.

My heart only beats for you My feelings for you only grew You understood what I was going through I will never regret knowing you. Your smile melted my heart I wish we could restart And I could be apart Of a man I see as a work of art! I raised my paint brush to my canvas So I could help people understand this This feeling of emotion for this painting has spoken I see the light as opportunity As for the whole thing it symbolizes unity The swirls degnify elegance and uncertainty For this painting executes this perfectly Where as my paintings let me adress Everything I feel I need to express!

Eardrums splitting from the screams Yet none seem to care Can even hear my cries for help? For I am screaming as loud as I can. White Noise. I read the prompts and the poems posted and this community is a creative bunch. I liked 35 People You Have Known. I want to share it with you guys. This is the body repair shop where we fix humans that have stopped how may we help you? I did poetry prompt 7.

I wrote about the street I grew up on. Luverne Luverne, I moved onto you at the age of three. We like to race up and down your pavement road, either biking or running. You keep safe the house that I grew up in, one that has six humans and three dogs.

You shelter other houses, too, that hold family friends and best friends to last a lifetime. I was inspired by the prompt poison. Monster Roses are beautiful and delicate, but flawed. Prompt number 8: Street signs STOP Stop look and listen Stop at the corner Stop at the red light Stop for pedestrians Stop for cyclists Stop for animals Stop doing that Stop drop and roll Stop doing something else Stop shouting Stop whispering Stop talking Stop being quiet Stop posting cute cat videos Stop forgetting your appointments Stop making plans without me Stop eating all the yummies Stop running Stop the insanity Stop shopping Stop the never-ending commentary in my head Stop stopping Stop.

Thanks for making this site and all its suggestions and especially this space to post our work, available! I wrote from prompt 72 about moonlight. Shining down like a spotlight, Illuminating everything around you. The pure white light, Paint your surroundings in a soft glow. The round ball in the sky, speckled with craters like the freckles on your face. Looking down upon the sleeping earth, A nightlight for those still awake, a nightlight for you.

Guides you, pulls you, lulls you towards it. It caresses your face with the light, casting away the shadows of the night. I liked it I just wrote a small poem dedicated to my tutor and tutor just loved it. I used 21 good bye. I liked it really. A full bed Just the left side filled Soft, cold, baby blue sheets wrap around bare feet.

She sweetly invites herself in Dressing the dark in a blue hue through cypress filled air, like 5 A. Thanks for sharing the prompts Chelle Stein. I wrote this sometimes ago before coming to this site and I believed prompts 1 and 88 inspired my writing it. No one sees me,no one sees you Programmed by the Ubiquitous, To act as our bystander in realism. Virtuous iniquitous rises on that day To vindicate to incriminate My deeds your deeds.

Thanks for the seemingly endless amounts of writing prompts. How could a girl like her, love a guy like me? A massive thank you to thinkwritten. Some of these prompts have now formed the basis of my upcoming poetry collection Never Marry a Writer scheduled for release on January 1 You have inspired a whole poetry collection out of nowhere which is highly commendable.

So booktiful that! I am a girl who is broken easily and loves music I wonder if things will ever be normal again I hear light screaming through the darkness I want freedom from the chains trapping me in my fear I am a girl who is broken easily and loves music. And then it was there. What I had been missing. What is it? You may ask. The piano sat on the stage. Dusty and untouched. After the concert. The last time I ever heard her voice.

And yet here I am years and years later. Of course pain is always gonna be there, But as I played a soft note on the piano, All of it seemed to disappear. It was as if all the weight on my shoulders got lifted. The melodious notes resonated around the hall.

And for a few moments, I forgot about all the pain. I forgot about the tears. I forgot about the heartache. And as the last notes echoed around the hall, I was truly happy. Back to the running water that conceals the noise of cracks Crumbling behind my peeling mask, holding my face with wax An unraveled thread masking the makeup smile of a wakeup call That runs down to my chin and I keep under wraps.

I take invitations to the mall, yet the space around me seems so small Nevertheless, I show my teeth with a big, shiny grin And suck a trembling breath through their thin slit Happy to wear tight jeans, to stop me from an embarrassing fall. However, the words untold keep coming like ever so frequent Like adrenalized filled cops in pursue of an escapee delinquent All the more, my doppelganger and I have come to an agreement To take these secrets to our grave, that we nowadays call home.

Start with friendship, Then add time, A dash of humor, And forgotten binds. Mix it up, Till blended well, And make sure, To remember the smell. Put that bowl, To the side, Grab a new one, Add grateful sighs. Then add family, And a smile, Then sit back, And mix awhile. To that bowl, Add a laugh, A cheerful cry, And blissful past. Combine the two, Then mix it well, Spray the pan, And pour it out. Cherish the memory, The beautiful scent, Of unity, And happiness.

My mother died when I was younger so this poem is about me sitting on the lawn at night shortly after she passed away. The winds cold fingers Tousle with my hair Loosening the soil My sobs are carried away on the wind. I would love to share this list credited to you with students participating in a virtual library program on poetry.

These are great! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you for your support! Sharing is caring! Use this hammer as inspiration for a poetry prompt idea! Do you like fast food? Write about a recent fast food experience in a poem — good or bad! Where might this ladder to the sky lead? Write about it! Awesome interpretation Amanda!

Thanks for sharing! That is beautiful, it inspired me to write about my fears, thank you!! Thanks for sharing Amanda! I love it I tried one out myself as well Change She sat looking out the window. Nice one Amanda. That was simple and yet creative Reply. Thanks Reply. Thank you so much for these prompts! Glad you enjoy them! Nice, thank you for sharing! Love this Reply.

Thank you, glad you enjoy it! Thank you Ash for sharing your take on the prompt with us! Thank you ASH for reminding we can do anything if we try Reply. Even in the night Oh listen up! I bet the poem you wrote about prompt 21 is really good. I would like to read it please.

This is so darn awesome. Inspired by No. I am completely new to poetry, but I love it so much already! Here it is. Perfection is Untouchable- Perfection waiting, out of reach Will I never touch it? Looks like you are off to a great start! This poem is called Secret Keeper and was inspired by I hope you like it. The poision of friends and love Beaten,she lies there. Stary night painting poem I guess ill call it I raised my paint brush to my canvas So I could help people understand this This feeling of emotion for this painting has spoken I see the light as opportunity As for the whole thing it symbolizes unity The swirls degnify elegance and uncertainty For this painting executes this perfectly Where as my paintings let me adress Everything I feel I need to express!

For I am screaming as loud as I can Are you? Thanks guys. Thanks Think Written. The single's accompanying music video was directed by Chris Applebaum and features Rihanna's nude body covered in silver paint. In the studio, Stewart was "messing around with a walloping hi-hat sound", which he found in the free music software GarageBand , which is included in all Mac computers.

With his attention caught by the sound, Nash asked Stewart what he was doing: "Oh, my Gosh, what is that beat? When Stewart incorporated chords onto the hi-hat, "immediately the word popped into [Nash's] head"; he went to the vocal booth and started singing.

They continued into writing, adding the hook while "[Stewart] would put the next chord". In a matter of hours, they had recorded a demo of the track. Stewart and Nash thought that Spears, who had "her personal life However, Spears did not hear of the song because her label rejected it, claiming they had enough songs for her to record.

Following the management's rejection of the track, Stewart and Nash dealt it out to other record labels. It was also given to British singer-songwriter Taio Cruz , who failed to convince his record company to release it. Reid immediately sent the demo to Rihanna, who was also positive of it: "When the demo first started playing, I was like, This is interesting, this is weird. But the song kept getting better. I listened to it over and over. I said, 'I need this record. I want to record it tomorrow.

Blige for the demo. Having heard the move of the writers, Kwak began calling Stewart and his manager, Mark Stewart, incessantly. Meanwhile, considering Blige's nominations at the Grammys, Stewart and Nash agreed to wait for her response. However, Blige failed to hear the song in full due to her obligations to the Grammys at the time and "had to sign off on the record before her reps could accept it".

Mary wasn't even in an album cycle yet. We made the sensible business decision. Initially, Stewart admitted he was still reluctant as to whether Rihanna was the right artist to record the song, but following the recording of the "ella, ella" catch phrase , he felt they were onto "something". However, Jay-Z rewrote his verse without the awareness of Stewart and Nash.

Stewart could not understand it, but later realized it made "sense" instead of the first version. Stewart noted that "from a songwriter's standpoint, he just really made it more about the song, with the metaphors about umbrellas and about the weather versus what he had before". According to Entertainment Weekly magazine, the song's beat can be recreated through a drum loop from the Apple music-software program GarageBand Vintage Funk Kit The song's lyrics are written in the traditional verse-chorus form.

They open with a rap verse, and the hook "ella, ella" follows every chorus. A bridge follows the second hook, and the song ends in a fadeout. Andy Kellman of AllMusic commented: "'Umbrella' is [Rihanna's best song] to date, delivering mammoth if spacious drums, a towering backdrop during the chorus, and vocals that are somehow totally convincing without sounding all that impassioned — an ideal spot between trying too hard and boredom, like she might've been on her 20th take.

Sal Cinquemani from Slant Magazine wrote "That the song is just plain good, regardless of genre, proves that Jay and Rihanna, who's already scored hits across several formats with a string of singles that couldn't be more different from each other, are dedicated to producing quality hits—however frivolous they may be. Huff of PopMatters. Over the following two weeks, it dropped one place, then climbed to a new peak of number In its fourth week on the chart, it leaped to the top of the chart, becoming Rihanna's second number one single following " Pon de Replay " The single became the highest digital debut in the United States since Nielsen SoundScan began tracking downloads in , surpassing Justin Timberlake 's " SexyBack " , sales record in As of June , "Umbrella" has sold 4,, digital copies in the United States, and is Rihanna's sixth best-selling single in the country.

The single experienced major success in Europe, most notably in the United Kingdom. It has spent a further 20 weeks to tally 71 total weeks inside the Top , in which it has appeared in three consecutive years; number one in , 18 in and number 99 in Worldwide the song has sold more than 6. While working on the album, ideas began to circulate concerning Rihanna's image, extending into her music videos. She asked American music video director Chris Applebaum to send her "something" to work on.

Def Jam representatives were expecting Applebaum of the treatment. Applebaum was doubtful whether Rihanna would embrace the idea, but her "positive response" following a letter the director sent to the artist ensured its approval. Makeup artist Pamela Neal mixed a silver paint that would give Rihanna such a look. During the session, the paint was re-applied between takes to ensure she was completely covered.

The set was closed to Rihanna, Applebaum and a camera assistant. Water elements were recorded on a special effects stage using a high-speed 35mm camera. Bert Yukich then composited them into the scene with the singer. He then added lighting effects to the practical water elements to give them the mirror-like texture of mercury. The music video premiered on April 26, , on her website. Downloads were made available for those in the U. The video was officially released on the iTunes Store on May 11, , peaking at number one for a period of eight weeks.

On May 1, , "Umbrella" debuted on MTV's TRL at number ten, before reaching number one on May 9 where it remained for fifteen days, making it the longest running number one of Two albums into her career, it still wasn't clear who Rihanna was.

To prove them wrong, she needed a song that would define her as an artist. In the rock era, when the album was the standard unit of recorded music, listeners had ten or twelve songs to get to know the artist, but in the singles-oriented world of today, the artist has only three or four minutes to put their personality across, and at that Rihanna would prove to be without peer.

American rapper and featured act Jay-Z recognized the song's impact for Rihanna's artistic evolution, stating: "It shows such growth for her as an artist [ We had experience in record making but not hit making. All of a sudden you have major artists blowing up your phone.

And we knew exactly how to service them; we reverted back to that jingle mentality — we were prepared for that pressure. Once the single was replaced on the top spot, weather conditions throughout New Zealand pacified, although Hawke's Bay was still stormy. The same happened in Romania where "Umbrella" hit the stations in the nation during the summer.

That summer was in its first half the hottest and driest period of time in Romania since With the record-breaking success of the single and the reported coincidence with the weather, Def Jam's marketing team collaborated with British umbrella manufacturer Totes. The company produced five types of Rihanna umbrellas, one of which was a two-tone satin umbrella that Rihanna debuted in public during her performance of the song at the MTV Movie Awards.

She also performed "Umbrella" during her AOL sessions. Rihanna performed "Umbrella" at Radio 1's Hackney Weekend on May 24, , as the sixteenth song on the set list. Video credits [76]. Sam Smith recorded the song during their 'Live At The Spectator' gig and it is also part of the soundtrack to their documentary film 'Sam Smith Diva Boy' - a portrait of Sam — For her debut album a. Two additional versions acoustic and Grand Slam mix were later made available on iTunes, and the trio is now released together on an Umbrella EP ; a video for the cover is available on the band's official website.

There have also been notable mixed versions of the song. An article by Blender magazine, who dismissed Jay-Z's version, said "Lil Mama actually seems to understand the song's metaphorical themes of protection and loyalty". Singer Chris Brown created an answer song titled "Cinderella", replacing some of the verses and part of the chorus of "Umbrella" with his own lyrics. This version is the official remix. This version has been performed as a duet between Brown and Rihanna when he joined Rihanna on a late tour in the Asia-Pacific region.

Recently [ when? The song's drum beat is sampled in "Symphonies" by Dan Black. An episode of Glee featured this song performed by Gwyneth Paltrow in a mash-up with " Singin' in the Rain ". The song has also been covered by Tiffany , an American-Korean singer from the popular girl group Girls' Generation in their first Asia Tour.

At the end of , Internet mash-up artist DJ Earworm used "Umbrella" as the base track for "United State of Pop", his breakthrough mix that included the top 25 songs on Billboard's Hot year-end chart of on which "Umbrella" appeared at 2. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. When [Rihanna] recorded the 'ellas,' you knew it was about to be the jump-off and your life was about to change if you had anything to do with that record.

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You know the drill: you should write the songs you want to write, not the songs fundamental ideas every songwriter should know about. Want to get better at writing songs? Show them what you've got so far, discuss any new ideas they might suggest, and see what comes out. It's all about getting back into yourself to find that song gold. the better you'll get. Try it out and make your songs shine bright like a gold brick?