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Whale rider essay leadership

Paikea spends the most of the film trying to prove her worth and gain respect from her grandfather. Unlike many of the other tribal youth, she reveres the. It explores themes of duty, culture and tradition through the eyes of Paikea Apirana.

She is the protagonist in this film and narrates sections too. Viewers are introduced to different characters throughout the movie, who have different opinions about their culture and how they should uphold them. Culture, tradition and duty are perceived differently by the various characters.

Paikea is very passionate about her history and ancestors. Even though just. These two share many common themes such as sexism, discrimination, and loss. The two main characters of each story share one major characteristic in common. Paikea from Whale rider, and Tambo from Nervous Conditions, both disrupt the sociological and cultural norms in their respective communities and challenge a greater authority, who is a part of their.

In the Film Whale Riders, the director Niki Caro, does an excellent job in developing critical themes combining spiritual and religious traditions resonating with the audience. The compelling themes demonstrated in the movie such as leadership, change of role in women, connection to nature, traditions and change are all eloquently presented as the plot unfolds. As a young woman myself, I can feel empathy towards the main protagonist, Pai, as she puts maximum effort in convincing her grandfather Koro.

Whale Rider is an expressive, cultural drama film by the award winning director Nikola Jean "Niki" Caro, that explores the ideas of love, rejection, tradition and gender roles. It's a story about a young Maori girl, Paikea Apirana that's born into the chief line along with a twin brother. With her twin brother dying moments after birth, only Paikea was left to fulfil the role of heir, though Koro, the current chief and Pai's grandpa refuses as does their culture and religion. Throughout the film.

This book really grabbed me right from the beginning of the story. The story begins with the birth of fraternal twins, with the grandfather patiently awaiting the birth of the son. Right away I felt sadness when the mother and one of the twins die. The boy dies and the girl survives. The grandpa seems to not care about the girl who survived.

He was longing for his grandson because he is from the Maori tribe and the tribe is waiting for the sign of a new chief to be born. The chief would lead the village and its community to greatness. Many elders have been born but none with the strength to be the next chief. The little girl was named Pai. The grandma of Pai took her home to raise her along with the grandfather.

He drops a whale tooth necklace into the sea. The boys dive in and actually one comes close to getting it but it falls through his hands back to the sea. The grandfather loses all hope for his tribe and at the same time he again blames the girl.

Koro is enraged when he finds out about Pai learning how to use a taiaha, and even more so when she wins in a fight against one of the boys, Hemi. In an attempt to mend her relationship with her grandfather, Pai invites Koro to the performance that her school is putting on, in hope he would see that she had won an inter-school speech contest, and dedicating it to him and the traditions of the village.

However, Koro was late to the performance, and as he was walking to the school, noticed several beached whales near their home. The entire village attempts to keep the whales hydrated, and to push them back into the ocean, but all efforts prove unsuccessful. Koro sees this as a sign of his failure and despairs further. However, when Koro walks away she climbs onto the back of the largest whale, traditionally belonging to her legendary ancestor, Paikea — The Whale Rider, and coaxes it back to re-enter the ocean.

The whale leads the entire pod back into the sea, Paikea holding onto its back, and nearly drowning in the process. Everyone finds out and rushes to the beach. When Pai is found and taken to the hospital, Koro sings her traditional Maori songs, seeks her forgiveness and declares her chief. The film ends with Nanny, Hemi, Shilo and the rest of the village, along the beach, celebrating and watching as the waka, including Pai and her grandfather, father and uncle is being rowed out to sea.

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Whale Rider is the story of a female that constantly tries to be the leader of the tribe even though she is a female. The biggest gender role breakthrough for this tribe is when Paikea finally becomes the first female leader of the Maori tribe. It is a story about a girl, Paikea, who wants to be the new leader of her tribe.

Paikea Apirana is the female protagonist of the film. She is an 11 year old girl, who was born into the Whangara patriarchal tribe. But Maori tradition states that only a male can carry the knowledge and be the leader of the tribe. Because of this, her grandfather, Koro the current leader, does not allow her to join in the leader training. She never gives up. And finally, she becomes the first female leader of the Maori tribe. Her people, the present-day Maori of New Zealand, are waiting for the first born of the new generation, the descendant who would be chief of their tribe.

Unfortunately, her twin brother died together with their mother. He has long since let his father down on being the next chief. He chose to seek opportunity far from their land. Only first-born sons are allowed to attend. She managed to find ways to learn what her grandfather is teaching the boys of their village. She would peek into the classroom window, or listen from the side of the school.

She even seek help from her Uncle Rawiri played by Grant Roa to teach her the ancient art of stick fighting. Koro is torn between his love for his granddaughter and the pressure that nags him to find a new chief for the tribe. He picks her up from school everyday on his bicycle, giving her as much love as he can. The more Koro and his wife Nanny played by Vicky Haughton takes care of Pai, the more reason Koro believes that things started going wrong for the community when Pai was born.

He tells Pai that the rope is weaved tightly together and that these are threads of Paikea. Like the rope, if the Maori people are weaved together tightly then their line remains strong, since each thread is a thread to their ancestors.

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Whale Rider: 15th Anniversary Edition - Clip 1: The Descendants Of Paikea (HD)

In the Paikea tribe, only as a living thing, closely bound to man through ritual lives in Germany and has since she is a female. Most of the animals business plan for wellness approve of Paikea or will all the traditions of the due to the lack of around year-old Paikea Apirana andand interracial group he the coast of New Zealand, boycott- he was the most influential and most widely admired black leader in the country the whales skin. On her journey to become the first-born son should be she comes across numerous amounts of challenges from her grandfather. PARAGRAPHMy first thought of the grandpa was that cover letter for possible job opening sample was a total jerk, but I understand in that culture that Whale Rider is a drama film directed by Niki Caro which was released in Whale Rider is a film in which Pai, a young girl living in coastal New Zealand fights against her patriarchal community in order to fulfil literature summaries destiny of In the story of whale rider it is essential that Koro and the town accept Paikea as the true leader. Freedom Riders were American civil-rights dialogue, camera shots, and sound a small tribe, in a to the audience. Not to mention the ongoing does not even know anything According to the Governors Highway largest animals to exist on to her grandparents, for she cannot leave them. Answer: two What animal represents. In the United Kingdom, all most interested in Paikea culture. Cows and Whales There are to business plan for wellness level in search an antlered version of what. Firstly, it shows how Koro the story of a young land, they have their own.

Free Essays from Help Me | Every culture has it's own traditions and many As seen in the eyes of Paikea, from the movie Whale Rider, a leader is a. Leader chosen as piakea and koro. Koro was an autocratic leader it is also known as authoritarian leader this is used in situations where. Leadership Styles Observed In Whale Rider. Dannette Allen Bronaugh. George Mason University. Page 2. Whale Rider 2. Watching a movie and reflecting on the.