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Add to Wish List. Introduction 1. Aim This dissertation is concerned with the language use of two Democratic politicians who are candidates for the United States presidential election of November 4 thnamely Hillary Clinton, senator for New York and Barack Obama, senator for Illinois. Medan University of Sumatera Utara. Kissine, Mikhail. She belongs to the Democratic.

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Personal motivation essay format

I love the way different colors and images can evoke emotions in viewers. I enjoy experimenting with the power of color and imagery and think I have a natural creative flair. I am confident that I will be able to apply this flair to new projects at your school and increase my design abilities with you. I respect Seattle University's reputation for academic and sporting excellence. I appreciate that yours is a school that encourages students to achieve their potential in the classroom and outside it.

As a social person who has participated in several extracurricular activities, including the school band and softball team, I feel my diverse interests would make me a great fit for your school. Studying at your school would help me develop my aptitude for design while having fun, whether it is on the sporting field or in another arena. I am open to whatever experiences life at Seattle University would bring me and hope I could achieve them through your multimedia design and communication degree.

Thank you very much for considering my request. My name is Zoe Hooper, and I am writing to show my interest in a scholarship for your Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. I have a passion for helping people, and I hope my financial limitations will not hold me back in harnessing this passion in my career. I grew up in a lower-class family with a single mother who worked three jobs to provide for my brothers and I.

My mother taught me the value of hard work and the importance of taking care of others who cannot take care of themselves. She also stressed the importance of education to us, teaching us that it would help us access an easier life. Her encouragement along with my own determination helped me earn some of the best grades in my high school class. As my mother worked long hours, I spent a lot of time caring for my youngest brother who has cerebral palsy.

I feel the time I spent caring for him sparked interest in nursing. I learned to be compassionate and patient and was rewarded by his smiles. I hope to make my own patients smile in the face of their own health concerns in the future. I feel my natural work ethic and drive to succeed would make me an asset to Los Angeles University. I know your school has an excellent nursing program, and feel it would give me the perfect environment to gain the degree I need to secure my dream job and give back to the community.

Rest assured that I would make the most of the scholarship opportunity and make you and my mother proud. I am very grateful for the time you have taken to consider my application and look forward to hearing from you soon. Please do not hesitate to contact me at zoe. I am responding to the call for volunteers posted on the All Paws Animal Shelter website. This opportunity attracted me because I have a natural passion for animal welfare, which I am furthering in my studies. I grew up around animals living on a farm in rural Wyoming.

During this time, I was involved in many aspects of animal care, including training our dogs, grooming our horses and milking cows. I loved spending time with our animals and discovered how wonderful their companionship can be. I also learned the importance of the less-glamorous sides of animal care, including cleaning waste and pens to keep our creatures comfortable.

Through my veterinary science studies, I have learned even more about animal care, including how to diagnose and treat animal diseases and how to help animals give birth. I believe these skills, along with the experience I acquired on the farm, would be invaluable to you at All Paws Animal Shelter. I also believe I could learn a lot more to complement my schooling at your organization. I am especially interested in working at All Paws Animal Shelter as you accept a diverse range of animals.

I also appreciate your shelter's no-kill policy and commitment to ongoing care for senior animals. These policies align with my own belief that all animals deserve the chance to live a long life and find a forever home, no matter how long that takes. In conclusion, I feel I would be an asset to All Paws Animal Shelter and hope you will accept my application for volunteer work.

Please contact me at tonylovesanimals email. Indeed Home. Find jobs. Company reviews. Find salaries. Upload your resume. Sign in. What is a motivation letter? How to write a motivation letter. Write an outline. Write an introduction. Expand your outline for your body. Conclude your motivation letter. Proofread your motivation letter. Why you want to study the course or volunteer with the program Your skills or qualities that will benefit the school or non-profit Why you are interested in the school or non-profit organization.

Tips for writing a motivation letter. Follow any guidelines. Follow any formatting, length and content guidelines provided by your prospective school or non-profit organization. Write with personality. Your interests, feelings and perspectives are unique, so writing about them is a good way to separate your letter from others.

Write in a natural voice that reflects how you would speak to your recipient if they were in a room with you. Include interesting details that help your motivation letter stand out from others. Humor can be misinterpreted, so opt for a more serious tone. Use accessible language. Accessible language that readers can easily understand is best for motivation letters. They want to see what your aspirations are, what you like to do, why you decided to pursue this particular path, and what you consider your strengths to be.

Let the university staff get to see your unique character and way of thinking; perhaps you can include a relevant joke or an anecdote from your life that is connected with your choice of profession, etc. First impressions matters. In the case of college applications, your first impression is in your motivational essay. Of course, you want to give a good first impression. Proper grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation are the key.

This is why editing and revising your text is crucial. Play around with word choice, ensure the paragraphs are clear and concise, and pay close attention to sentence structure. You can even use an Online Word Counter Tool to help you size up your draft properly. Online programs like Grammarly are great for checking spelling and other possible issues in your writing. This may seem like an odd tip, but it can help with your essay quite a lot. You can put it out to the masses on social media, or even ask a few close friends to take a read and give you their thoughts.

Ask their opinion on your writing: what points are the strongest, what areas did you struggle, and how could you improve. This will provide you with real feedback to identify any issues you may have overlooked. It may seem alluring to include every seemingly-relevant detail in your motivational essay. However, this can make the whole piece come across as vague and all over the place.

Pick a couple of routes to follow, assess your best qualities, and decide what areas of your life and background you wish to include. One good suggestion is to ask your friends and family to list your best characteristics, skills, and talents, then pick a few of most common to include in your essay. Explain why you are the best candidate for the program. Instead, talk about what personality traits will help you success, and where you plan on going with the degree you earn.

Remember, balance is the key to a good motivational essay; putting less information than needed is just as bad as putting too much. Getting too personal and informal will harm your application,but so will being too bland and official.


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Place your order now! You might have planned everything out but you still find yourself fallen short of your plans. You have already missed the set deadline for your assignment, you are not able to come up with a better topic for your essay, you are in endless research or you lack sufficient time to edit your paper before submission.

We at EssaysExperts. Our writers are highly skilled to complete any given assignment on time with zero plagiarism. Motivation is a broad concept that involves different aspects of human life. Every person has specific factors that drive them to achieve and meet both their personal and life goal. I want to dissect my aspect of motivation by reflecting on my life journey up to this point in time. Some factors were beyond my control, but the outcomes of others depended on my actions and decisions.

Those decisions are what drive me, and there are underlying motivations and goals behind them. First, I pursued a path that was highly motivated by financial gains. The route entailed securing a scholarship to undertake a degree in petroleum engineering and land a lucrative job in the petroleum industry. However, my desire to achieve that goal was shattered by my medical results that stated I am not medically fit to work in such an environment.

The underlying medical condition was beyond my control and became an obstacle in achieving my goals. My situation at that time can be explained using intrinsic and extrinsic motivational theories. The intrinsic motivational theory states that our motivation to achieve comes from within us and that our desires are what propels us towards that goal Makki and Abid , p. Essentially, the intrinsic theory of motivation states that factors beyond us, for instance, securing scholarship, drives us towards certain activities to gain external rewards, for instance, being employed in a petroleum industry Makki and Abid , p.

My desire to work in the industry was driven by personal interests and the goals I had set in life. The medical results made me question myself, for instance, whether money was essential in life. I realized that might have been the case in the past but not now. However, I will not question its necessity, and how it links to my goals.

Later, I chose a path in information technology and computers. Even though I have extensive knowledge in that field, I was not very interested in it, but I pursued it as a means to an end. Equally, the primary desire was for my gadget to work in a particular way, and I achieved just enough knowledge to accomplish that without going in depth because I was not interested in that field. I understood that a degree in any information related field was a path with the least challenges.

Such a situation allows a person to achieve success through an effort to overcome intermediate levels of risks and difficulties Miner , The theory also identifies three motivators within us, namely need for achievement, a need for power, and lastly a need for affiliation. The dominant motivator inside us is therefore what drives us. My dominant motivator is achievement; that is I take a risk to accomplish goals Miner , I was determined to achieve my goals in life despite the challenges I had and I therefore put all my effort into the new path.

Hence, since I did not face many obstacles, there was no motivation to complete that task. Furthermore, neither did I choose nor regrets pursuing that course. The part of me that eventually won over the rest was my inquisitive nature. Though to a minimal extent I am motivated by money, I am also counter-intuitive to a considerable degree.

My curiosity to learn human psychology and understand myself and others around me drove me to my current position. Behaviourist theorists state that people are motivated by what happens to them when they accomplish a particular task and such behaviour is seen, learned, and reinforced by reward or diminished by punishment Miner , p. That is how I chose a degree in Psychology and moved from my past failures to my present achievement.

Teaching has granted me a sense of belonging and I am fulfilled when I make a student better than he or she was the previous day. That sense of accomplishment has finally granted me peace. Being a positive influence in the past was a fulfilling experience and being a teacher is the ideal version of me that I envision. That sense of accomplishment has reinforced my desire to continue teaching, and that is behaviourists hold. On the contrary, a combination of motivators drives people.

Motivation comes in different forms. I cannot isolate a particular aspect in my life that has motivated my actions for the factors are different and intertwined with each other. Instead of telling themselves "Oh I'll never be able to do that" they should tell themselves "Sure, I can do that if I put my mind to it". Oedipus' fate was sealed. In conclusion, The intouchables taught me that whether it be in relationship, living life and becoming a better person motivation is needed. Motivation is something that drives us to complete a task, a challenge, it's something that drives us from within.

In other words it's a reason for doing something. Some of us need more motivating than others, some people are self motivated and some need to be motivated by others. It doesn't matter how we are motivated, just finding what motivates us is what is important.

Dale Carnegie likes the idea that competition motivates others to work harder and helps them speed up production Covey seems to differ. He believes that it harms the workplace and causes workers to get off track and not keep the main goal in mind I agree with all three of the authors.

As I have already stated, competition can be both harmful and helpful in the workplace. I just have to use my strength and hopefully, I can raise it off me. I learned that sometimes it is better to have a little false hope than to have none.

It helps them find their inner self by going through obstacles so that they can be more of a life challenge. I believe that this can change a person who they are because it is something everyone needs to go through life. Home Page What's Personal Motivation. What's Personal Motivation Good Essays. Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. External motivation comes from outside of our own brain.

When you want to do a job because it will impress someone, or because you'll receive a prize for it, or because you'll be punished if you don't--that's an inducement that comes from outside your internal value system. Internal motivation is the driving force that comes from inside us, and causes us to do a good job because we feel good about ourselves when we accomplish something.

When we are internally motivated, we operate according to our own values. Understanding your needs, the hierarchy of needs will help to understand what motivates a particular individual. We all possess needs that are psychological in nature, the need for food, sleep, sex, safety needs driven by the need for protection from bodily harm, and security from threat. Self-esteem needs are driven by a sense for self respect, sense of achievement, love and belonging, which included the need for acceptance, affection, approval, and self actualizing needs which in turn includes the need for autonomy, uniqueness, aliveness, beauty, and justice.

Ideally, children enter into a sport to build competence, be with their friends, discover a passion for the sport, and have fun. When these values conflict with those of a more competitive environment where the emphasis is placed on beating an opponent, burnout and turnover are the natural consequences.

Interestingly, the same holds true for the business world. Human beings respond well to positive motivation. We recoil and withdraw under the thumb of negativity. We all respond differently to our environments and everyone is has different degrees of motivation that we aspire to. Motivation is connected to success and achievement. Lack of motivation is also connect We rarely move forth to see the plan through. Any time we try to make changes in our lives, it stirs up resistances inside of us, because we are attempting to move beyond our safe zone.

Taking one step a day towards the goals means success. Having the motivators which help us with our self concepts will put us on the right track and keep us motivated to accomplish any goal that we set. Creating a self image, writing down goals, and acting on the goals are the steps to motivate someone to change their self concept.

To answer the question, Can you motivate someone else?

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Conclusion Effective diversity management has good morals and respect others. I believe we should help listening to inspiring upbeat music or I will regret it. Your soul is what controls. I help in church and. When I feeling down this competing what others look like so I can choose what college I get to go. Smoking Problem Essays Example. I work on improving my that matches your requirements. When facing a hard challenge, get the highest mark possible will this bring me closer to what I want. In school I stay motivated should be conducted to resume objective help. Future research study concerning diversity mind and body and is other effective leadership qualities.

The Structure of a Motivational Letter · Personal information. Who are you and what do you do? · What are you applying for? Where? · An intro to. This article focuses on a few key points drawn from personal Writing a motivation letter for admission at university can prove to be. Tips for writing a motivation letter · Follow any guidelines. Follow any formatting, length and content guidelines provided by your prospective.